This is where the Europe of butter and the Europe of oil meet each-other.

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to creatively preparing and offering traditional local dishes using wholesome, tasty ingredients for quality express cuisine that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Here is what the poet Torquato Marmotta wrote about us after a lunch on a beautiful sunny day:

In the borgo (village) of Terrina,
protected by formidable croutons,
it was the rabbit who signed the vegetable pact
following the long siege of the Kyrgyz dumpling
that by bombardment of blueberries had conquered frau Taleggia
with the Infanta Achillea, dressed with pumpkin flowers and walnut pendants.

Then came Messer Raviolo excited
by so much annealing of goats and fauns
spreading birman safran
on the loins of myelosis porks.

From afar the proud deer gazed
behind the shrubs bearing the rubicund berries.
Never vulgar boot left footprints
on the sugar minaret
from the golden days of the zabaglionids.
And the strawberries were coming back
To see the frickin ‘stars again.

Albergo Vittoria – Madesimo (SO) piazza della chiesa 12 cap 23024 frazione Montespluga | P.IVA 00579640145