It is very difficult to make you understand that ego is a very limiting situation and that planet earth is an experience of the infinite.

Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini, literally “the curl of the beloved’s hair” in the Sanskrit language, is a yogic technique of self-care rooted in a very ancient tradition originating in the Punjab that is capable of acting in a peculiar way on our lives. It invites us to walk an inner path that promises to lead us or, perhaps better, lead us back to the universal flow of which we are all a part, all along.
The kriyas (sequences of postures), breathing techniques, meditation and mantras (patterns of sound and thought) are the distillation of millennia-old practices that enable us to find a new balance through deeper self-awareness. In 2003 I met Sangeet Kaur, my Kundalini yoga teacher, a direct student of the masters Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh, and founder of the Cerdi Kala Yoga center in Milan.

Attending Sangeet’s classes and seminars every week, I have perceived, over time, a positive change in the way I look at the world, the way I am with people, the way I am with myself.

So I applied myself for a year of teacher training certified by KRI-Ikyta Italia, the Italian branch of KRI-Ikyta International, which is based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Once I acquired the diploma, which certainly doesn’t mean I was done learning, I started teaching, meeting the enthusiasm of people of all ages, genders, and professions. So I thought it might be interesting to try grafting this path within the much more mundane business of hotel management.
In this encouraged not only by the availability of some spaces inside the Vittoria, suitable for creating the

I was encouraged not by the availability of some spaces inside the Vittoria, suitable for creating the right atmosphere, but also and above all, by the genius loci of Montespluga. I am talking about a place in which I have spent a good part of my life and for which I still have a feeling of visceral attachment, often completely inconsistent with the difficulties associated with running a hotel business.
Proposing Kundalini Yoga in a hotel hospitality context has for me the sense of offering a key to access one of the many doors of the Self, “breathing” the place, grasping it with the “third eye,” center of intuition and inner light, source of awareness and sense of belonging to the infinite.
Offering this experience inside the Mountain Ca’, or in the bright mountain meadows of Spluga, is for me the way to invite guests to take the path of dharma, activating that latent energy dormant from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Edited by Rosemary Giovannoni

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– Pacchetto soggiorno: pernottamento, cena e colazione vegane presso Albergo Vittoria, lezione di Kundalini Yoga (all’aperto o all’interno della casa, a seconda delle condizioni climatiche), con possibilità di accedere alla piscina termale di Andeer (CH)

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