The ascent to Pizzo Ferrè with a Mountain Guide

Pizzo Ferré (3104 m) is a pleasant and very scenic peak, considered a real adventure for those who are approaching a glacier for the first time.

From the Montespluga houses, walk into the wide valley Val Loga, skirt the stream and, after the first half of the valley, start to climb the left side of the valley. Follow a trail to a small saddle on the crest from the top of Val Loga to Cardine Mountain (2467 m): here is located a scenic and new hut called Cecchini (2750 m). Follow the mountain to the right and reach the glacier of the final peak, Pizzo Ferré.

Pass by the Ferré saddle (2992 m) to reach the base of the rocky section and an aerial final ridge to the summit. The descent follows the same route as the ascent.

Vertical drop: 1.400m
Required equipment: Hiking shoes and poles. Other equipment will be provided by the mountain guide.
Required experience: good hike training

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